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Dr. Bock
Dr. Andrew Bock - Inventor of the
Putting Line Putting System

Dr. Bock has a Doctor of optometry degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Vision Science.



Andrew Bock has been playing golf since age 8.

He has been an optometrist for 25 years.

Dr. Bock combined his passion for golf and his sports vision expertise to develop the revolutionary Putting Line Putting System.

Utilizing basic scientific principles of vision and visualization Dr. Bock has introduced a powerful and unique method to quickly improve putting. A system that trains the eyes and the mind's eye to see the line, see the golf ball rolling on the line and into the cup.

The Putting Line System is the most affordable and comprehensive putting aid available to the amateur and pro golfer.

Within minutes the Putting Line System will begin to improve the golfer's putting form, putting pace and develop the power of visualization (the secret of great putters).

We also include a FREE Putting Line Putting System instructional DVD
that includes golf tips by Golf Pro Brian Schwartz!

The Putting Line System comes with a
100% money back guarantee!



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